Chris Coons: ‘I Expect Every Democrat in the Senate Will Vote Against’ GOP Tax Bill

‘This is a huge giveaway to the very wealthiest Americans and the most profitable corporations’

BLITZER: "Thanks very much, Jim Acosta from the White House. Appreciate it. Let’s get some reaction to all of this from senator Chris coons. He’s a Democrat on the judiciary and foreign relations committees. Senator, thanks for joining us.
COONS: Thank you, wolf.
BLITZER: "First of all, do you believe — do Democrats believe this house revote tomorrow morning provides a final opportunity to try and disrupt the passage, the final passage of this tax plan before it goes to the president for his signature?
COONS: "Well, wolf, I expect every Democrat in the Senate will vote against this tax package. Both because of the process that got us here and because of the result and the likely impact on the American people. This did not have to be a one-party-only bill. I worked hard across the aisle to propose alternative paths that would have led us to a significant middle class tax cut, the sort of thing the president ran on, but that is not what this bill is. This is a huge giveaway to the very wealthiest Americans and the most profitable corporations. I think there’s no doubt that it specifically benefits real estate investors and those who earn their income from real estate. And in many cases, the modest tax cuts for the middle class are temporary and the big tax cuts for shareholders of corporations and for the wealthiest families, those will go on long-term."

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