Fallon: It Looks Like Michael Flynn Would Also Be Helping to Transition Trump out of W.H.

‘So I guess after helping Trump transition into the White House — ‘

FALLON: "Michael Flynn agreed to a plea deal with Robert Mueller and it came out that the FBI is investigating everyone in the White House all the way to the top. Trump was like, "Oh my god, they're investigating Putin?" Everybody. Everybody. Everybody! That's right, Flynn cut a deal and is now working with the investigation. So I guess after helping Trump transition into the White House, he's helping transition him out. Yeah, that's very interesting. He does everything. Oh, and get this, trump might have incriminated himself when he tweeted that he had to fire Flynn because he lied to Mike Pence and the FBI. You could tell trump was scared 'cause his next tweet was like, #jklol. Doesn't fix the problem. But after trump posted the tweet, the white House claimed it was actually written by trump's lawyer. Then trump saw how many retweets it got and was like, "Never mind, I wrote it. Yeah, I guess, I retweeted myself."

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