Blumenthal: ‘Evidence Shows There Is a Credible Case of Obstruction of Justice Involving’ Trump

‘There’s a credible case against him’

BLUMENTHAL: "It it is very powerful evidence of obstruction of justice. The evidence shows there is a credible case of obstruction of justice involving Donald Trump it’s not only the tweet and report that you mentioned which is very important by CNN, but other mounting evidence that’s available publicly, including his attack yesterday on the FBI his earlier effort to reach out to Dan Coates to suppress the investigation in that way there is a growing accumulation of evidence showing Donald Trump is culpable of obstruction of justice, there’s a credible case against him. And the spektr of his political interference in the special council investigation is urgent, that’s the reason I’m going to be pressing for the judiciary Committee to mark up the legislation that I and others have introduced, bring it to the floor so we can send a message, we’re going to protect the special council from political interference. That’s what the legislation does. And also, the judiciary Committee should push forward with its investigation of obstruction of justice."

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