Trump on Flynn: ‘Hillary Clinton Lied Many Times to the FBI, Nothing Happened to Her’

‘I feel badly for General Flynn’

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President Trump is asking why General Mike Flynn was charged for lying to the FBI but Hillary Clinton escaped unscathed.

Speaking Monday to reporters outside the White House, Trump said he feels badly for Flynn that the FBI "ruined his life."

“I feel badly for General Flynn," Trump said from the White House lawn. "I feel very badly. He’s led a very strong life. I feel very badly, John."

"I will say this," Trump continued, "Hillary Clinton lied many times to the FBI. Nothing happened to her. Flynn lied, and they destroyed his life."

"I think it’s a shame," the president added. "Hillary Clinton on the Fourth of July weekend went to the FBI, not under oath. It was the most incredible thing anyone’s ever seen. She’s lied many times, nothing happened to her. Flynn lied and it’s like they ruined his life. It’s very unfair."

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