Burgess Owens: The NFL Needs to Set Parameters so Everyone that Comes to that Field Knows What They Are Supposed to Do

‘They need to sit down and decide how valuable it is to be patriotic’

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OWENS: "It comes down to this was every business as they grow bigger become a point of humbling and look at what you are doing and still tune in with your base, they have to set parameters to make sure everyone who is on the field knows what they are supposed to do and last thing if they do not respect the ones our country stands for, one can all agree, most of us can agree, should never be demeaned. They need to set down and decide how valuable it is to be patriotic, to have a vision what they wanted their brand to be and have the courage to stand up to the unions and let these kids, these young people, do your thing, get your money, make a difference but not during this particular time and don't have these young men hiding in the locker room, that is the last thing you need to have, stand on the cell lines with your hand over your heart or just stand and play the game and then make the difference."

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