Fmr. Trump Campaign Aide: Trump Should Make Clear He Needs Roy Moore’s Vote Despite Allegations

‘I think the president should make clear he endorses Roy Moore, despite the allegations’


TUR: "And joining me is Sam Nunberg. Appreciate you being here. Do you think that Donald Trump should be campaigning on behalf of Roy Moore?"
NUNBERG: "First of all I want to note the Alabama state Republican Party endorsed Roy Moore, and the congressman endorsed Roy Moore I believe his name is Barden that lost to Luther strange."
TUR: "Kay Ivey says she’s voting for him. Do you think — Republicans nationally have come out against him, for the most part."
NUNBERG: "The most part."
TUR: "And besides the younger Republican groups Vaughn spoke about, at least officials, gone on the record supporting him. Do you think the president should side with the Republicans locally in Alabama or the Republicans nationally? Should he be campaigning with Roy Moore?"
NUNBERG: "I think the president should make clear he needs Roy Moore’s vote and, yes, therefore, I think the president should make clear he endorses Roy Moore, despite the allegations."
TUR: "So the president should make clear he endorse as man who has credible allegations, credibly accused of being a pedophile?"
NUNBERG: "The president should say he need this vote. Look at the allegations. I’m not defending Roy Moore —"
TUR: "Politics is more important than the safety of children?"
NUNBERG: "That’s not what I’m saying."
TUR: "Seems to be what you’re saying, Sam."
NUNBERG: "Look, apparently we have a slush fund in the Senate and the house where we’re already paying for these politicians to commit sexual harassment. That’s inexcusable."
TUR: "And a fund for politicians to pudge children? I’m not aware of that one."
NUNBERG: "I don’t know what the accusations were we actually funded."
TUR: "Haven’t heard of a single allegation, maybe something is out there."
NUNBERG: "Maybe there is."
TUR: "A congressman or senator touching a child in inappropriately. Numerous patterns of Roy Moore targeting teenage girls, asking their mothers if he can go out with them. A 14-year-old girl saying he touched her, touched her and then tried to get her to touch him while he was a 30-something-year-old."
NUNBERG: "Absolutely reprehensible, inexcusable, but, Katy — Katy."
TUR: "The president should be campaigning alongside him?"
NUNBERG: "I will tell you this. If there were charges filed and he was found guilty and he got the nomination, he should resign. There weren’t. These were accusations made from a very, very long time ago. And I saw your interview with Gloria Allred. They don’t make sense. And some allegations are being discredited."
TUR: "Where has one been discredited."
NUNBERG: "Allegations he was banned from a mall."
TUR: "Yes it has."
NUNBERG: "No, it wasn’t."
TUR: "Yes it was."
NUNBERG: "I’m not going to argue with you. It’s a he said/she said. People in town talk about it being an open secret. Roy Moore’s infatuation, interest in teenage girls."
TUR: "Then how is he able —"
NUNBERG: "Let me finish."
TUR: "One quick question. How was he able to serve all’s these years?"
NUNBERG: "Kicked off the bench twice."
TUR: "Not for misconduct."
NUNBERG: "You didn’t deny there’s a zeitgeist, women are feeling empowered to say what happened to them years ago. Do you believe Weinstein’s accusers?"
TUR: "Yes."
NUNBERG: "Al Franken’s accuser?"
TUR: "I don’t know the facts of that. I’m not familiar with the story."
NUNBERG: "Why do you believe Weinstein’s accusers and not Roy Moore’s accusers?"
TUR: "Well, I don’t want — do you want plea to get into the details of Weinstein?"
NUNBERG: "Lots from earlier."
TUR: "And more frequently and David Boies funding a scheme. That’s why I believe him.
NUNBERG: "Donald Trump is at 33% in Gallup and can’t go lower or he’s f-ed. How does a pedophile help that."
TUR: "Because he lost when campaigning — this could help rehabilitate him with his party. You’re 100% right. You said we control the house and Senate. The problem, the Senate, I told you before, a day-care center with the house’s conservative legislation goes to die. Donald Trump has at least five senators in the Republican, Republican senators who won’t vote legislation that comes out of the house and I want tax reform."

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