Tom Friedman: ‘Donald Trump Is a Brain-Eating Disease’

‘It’s a danger that Donald Trump is going to suck the brains out so of many reporters and columnists’

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FRIEDMAN: “You know, I find from a journalism point of view Donald Trump is a brain-eating disease. He does so many outrageous things on a daily basis. He talked about Sam Clovis, this guy appointing to head the Agriculture Department, $3 billion research budget, an Iowa talk show host, shows such contempt for science and the department. And as a journalist or columnist you just sit there and say, 'How can I not write about that, it’s so outrageous?' And yet, if I write about it every week I end up not going out and learning or writing about all these other things. It’s a real danger that Trump is going to suck the brains out so of many reporters and columnists because you spend four years outraged at him and you don't learn anything, and he's done so many outrageous things you can’t even keep track of them anymore.”

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