Chuck Todd: If Dems Lose in Va. on Tues, It Will Take that Grenade Brazile Rolled in and Make It Radioactive

‘The race is tightening’


TODD: "Reeling from the bombshell from Donna Brazile accusing the DNC of tipping the scales of the Democratic Party to Hillary Clinton. The idea it was rigged for Hillary Clinton are furthering fracturing the party, days away from the must-win election. A race putting the divisions within frankly both parties on full display. The race is tightening and Northam has a slight edge and rather him than Gillespie, issues within his party could exacerbate his problems plus in the last few days former governor Doug wilder announced he’s staying out of the race opting out of endorsing his party’s nominee what he thinks is bad treatment of down ticket candidates. Hard to win if you don’t have party unit pip and if the Demming lose Tuesday it will take that little grenade Donna Brazile rolled into the party and make it radioactive for the party’s chances perhaps in 201."

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