Rep. Barbara Lee: ‘Many Members of Congress Did Not Even Know that We Had a Thousand Soldiers in Niger’

‘It’s our job to authorize the use of force’

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LEE: "No, there has not. And we need a thorough investigation. But also, Chris, one of the issues I’ve been dealing with for the last 16 years is repealing the 2001 authorization to use force, and debating these new wars that we’re in and forcing Congress to vote, yes or no. Many members of Congress did not even know that we had a thousand soldiers in Niger. We don’t know where this administration has sent our brave young men and women. So it’s about time that Congress stop being missing in action and do its job. It’s our job to authorize the use of force. And, again, we’ve been missing in action. I tried to, you know, repeal this with bipartisan support this year. Unfortunately, Speaker Ryan once again undemocratically stopped the bipartisan effort to repeal the 2001 authorization."

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