Maxine Waters Rants About Trump Impeachment at ‘Non-Political’ AIDS Walk

‘Don’t forget, this is not a political event, but I’m heading toward impeachment’

Maxine Waters rants about Trump impeachment at ‘non-political’ AIDS walk (The American Mirror)

It took less than three minutes for Mad Maxine to shift the focus during a recent speech at the 2017 AIDS Walk Los Angeles from the progress made to combat the sexually transmitted disease to her never-ending campaign to impeach President Trump.

Waters took the stage in front of Los Angeles City Hall on Sunday for the opening ceremony of 2017 AIDS Walk, and quickly turned the event into a platform to push her political agenda. The speech follows similarly inappropriate comments about Waters’ campaign to impeach Trump she delivered during a eulogy for comedian Dick Gregory last month.

In L.A., Waters congratulated APLA Health for meeting online fundraising goals and briefly outlined the progress made to control the AIDS epidemic, then quickly pivoted to Trump and Republicans in Congress.

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