Joy Ann Reid: ‘Questions Grow About Donald Trump’s Fitness for the Office of the Presidency’

‘According to a series of articles, Trump may be lashing out, desperate for some legislative wins after nine months of stalling’


TRUMP: "Good morning. Welcome to A.M. Joy. Questions grow about Donald Trump’s fitness for the of of the presidency. He’s trying to change the narrative by fulfilling some of his legislative promise. After trying and failing and then trying again and failing again and failing after trying it again to repeal the affordable care act trump this week switched to Dominican rep— directly sabotaging the health care law. He stopped short of unhalving the Iran nuclear deal. Leaving the decision to Congress. Why all of these sudden but less than effective attempts to push his agenda forward? According to a series of articles trump may be lashing out desperate for some legislative wins after nine months of stalling. As “Vanity fair” Gabrielle Sherman puts it, his ire is being fueled by his stalled agenda and by his agenda to back the losing candidate Luther strange in the Alabama Republican primary. Sherman even vented to his security chief that quote, I hate everyone in the white House. There are few exceptions. But I hate them. In fact, ten current and former administration officials and accessories confirm they often spend much of the day managing trump in his anger induced whims."

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