Trump: ‘We Are Going To Protect Small Business Owners and Their Families’

‘That’s a tax that has destroyed so many businesses’

TRUMP: "That’s a tax that has destroyed so many businesses and kept those businesses out of your family, your children, your grandchildren. It’s very sad. But we are working to end the estate tax, to end, the death tax, as it’s often called. In the crowd today, we have Calvin and his son Steve. Calvin, where is Calvin? Where is Calvin? Good looking family. They have been a trucking business and in the trucking business since 1946, a very good year. A great year. I love that year. Trucking runs in their blood, and Calvin wants to pass his company along to his children, just as it was passed down to him by his father. We are going to protect small business owners and their families so they can continue to run their companies with dedication and love. And we will make taxes simple and easy and fair for all Americans."

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