Kasich: We Should Have a Health Care Were We Are Paid for Quality

‘The solution to health care is embedded in the marketplace’


KASICH: "The solution to health care is embedded in the marketplace. Right now in the marketplace you get paid for quantity. We should have health care where we’re paid for quality. Everything else we get paid for quality, but in this business, the more tests you do, the more things you do, the more reward you get. There has to be change. The entitlements, Joe, we all know this, it’s going to eat up our economy if we’re not careful. So, you can do Medicaid, Medicare, and Social Security separate and come up with reasonable plans. We took Medicaid in Ohio from a 9 percent growth to this year it’s going to grow by 1 .7 percent. There are more people that are covered. We reformed the system."

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