CNN’s Gergen: If the Dems Make This a Debate Single-Payer vs. Graham-Cassidy, They Will Lose

‘They would probably lose the single payer debate and the country would be transformed’

GERGEN: "I do want to go back to this health care thing. If the Democrats make this a debate between single-payer and the Republican Cassidy-Graham bill, they will very likely lose that debate. They must make — it's a strategic mistake to allow that to happen. They must make it a debate between ObamaCare, the current existing system which many Americans want to keep that, versus this radical change coming from Republicans. They can win that debate. They would probably lose the single-payer debate and the country would be transformed by this Republican bill."
BERMAN: "Which is why there is concern among Democrats about having Bernie Sanders, the senator from Vermont, be the face of this debate here on CNN Monday night. It'll be very interesting to see."

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