Hillary: ‘The Seriousness’ of My Campaign Didn’t Resonate with America’s ‘Angry’ Voters

‘My brand of leadership, which is very focused on bringing people together, solving problems ...’


WOODRUFF: "What happened in the 2016 election?"
CLINTON: "I really was not ready or equipped to run for president against a reality TV candidate. I take running for president and being president really seriously. It's a-- maybe the toughest job in the world, right? And I knew that there was unfinished business from the successful two terms of President Obama, whom I had served. But that we needed to go further on the economy, on healthcare, and so much else. I really prepared, and I prepared what I wanted to say, how I would defend what I wanted to do. It turned out, that was very hard to communicate. It was a time when an empty podium got more broadcast minutes than all of the policies that I was putting forth. And now that there's been a lot of analysis coming from all sorts of independent observers, I think it was clear that the kind of campaign I was running, and the seriousness with which I looked at the agenda I wanted to represent and then execute, was just out of sync with the anger that a lot of the electorate felt, or the disappointment that another part of the electorate felt. So that my brand of leadership, which is very focused on bringing people together, solving problems, it's what I've always tried to do, just had a hard time being as powerfully compelling in that campaign as I think it has been in previous years, for other candidates."

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