Hillary Blames Bernie Again: ‘I Didn’t Get that Respect’ I Deserved

‘I was arguing with my supporters at the Denver convention in 2008 why they had to stop complaining about how I didn’t win and to get out and work for President Obama’


CLINTON: “In the book I talk about how a lot of his attacks on me became increasingly personal. I was surprised by that because at the very beginning of the campaign he came to me and said, 'Let’s not have personal attacks and families are off limits.' I said, 'Absolutely. Let's have a vigorous debate.' By March or April I had an insurmountable lead. I ended up winning by 4 million votes. I know what it’s like to lose because I lost in 2008 to President Obama. As soon as I lost, I turned around and I endorsed him, I worked hard for him. I was arguing with my supporters at the Denver convention in 2008 about why they had to quit complaining that I didn’t win and get out and support Barrack Obama. I didn't get that respect from him and his supporters.”

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