Trump: ‘It’s Time to Give the American Worker a Pay Raise’

‘That’s what we’re going to do’

TRUMP: "We’re going to reduce the American tax rate so that we can keep our jobs in America, create jobs in America and compete for workers right here in America meaning higher wages for American workers and greater profits for companies [Applause] It’s time to give the American worker a pay raise. That’s what we’re going to do. And finally, we must bring back trillions of dollars in wealth that is parked overseas and just can’t come back. Our tax system penalizes companies that bring wealth they have earned overseas back to America. As a result, corporations have parked trillions of dollars in foreign countries, money that could be and should be broad back into the United States where it can be invested in American companies, in American jobs and American workers. Our tax plan will give these companies a chance to bring back these funds and bring them back and spend it in cities and towns all across our country. The numbers you’re talking about are staggering. [Applause] The numbers we’re talking about are probably between 3.5 and 5 trillion that cannot come back into our — think of it. The Democrats want it to come back, the Republicans want it to come back. They have for years. Nothing gets done. We’re going to get it done. [Applause] We’re going to be switching from a worldwide tax system that encouraging companies to keep their funds offshore to a territorial system that encourages companies to bring their profits back home to America where that money belongs. It’s our time to invest in our country. We want to build our communities country. We want to build our communities and we want to build beautiful new ones. We want to rebuild the old ones. We want to hire. You may have heard the term once or twice before, the fact is, we want it just like that beautiful man’s hat. We want to make America great again. Good hat."

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