Hannity Battle Jorge Ramos on DACA: ‘We Can’t Burn the Constitution’

‘Someone has to take care of them and it is our responsibility to do that’

Hannity and Jorge Ramos Spar Over DACA: ‘We Can’t Burn the Constitution!’ (Mediaite)

On Tuesday night, Sean Hannity and Fusion anchor Jorge Ramos had a fiery debate over President Trump‘s decision to rescind DACA.

Ramos started off by saying we “can’t trust the president,” pointing to Trump’s remarks about how he “loves” the DREAMers, how they “shouldn’t be very worried” and now he’s “basically throwing them out of this country.”

However, Hannity insisted that the U.S. “can’t take care of the world’s children.”

“Jorge, you have a warm heart. I admire that,” Hannity told him, “But I’m sure you’ll agree with me on this point: we are a nation of laws and we have a Constitution and we have co-equal branches of government.”

Hannity then pointed to President Obama‘s rhetoric before DACA about how he didn’t think he had the “constitutional authority” to bypass Congress, “but he did it anyway.” And now Trump is giving Congress six months on top of the eight months they’ve already had to fix DACA.

“But who’s going to take care of them?” Ramos asked. “Someone has to take care of them and it is our responsibility to do that.”

Ramos called Trump’s decision “cruel,” “cold-hearted,” and “benefits no one.” He also claimed that DREAMers are “as American as Trump’s children” and that the only difference is that “they don’t have the papers.”

Hannity shot back, saying “You cannot ask that the United States burn its Constitution, stomp all over it in the process of doing what you want… we can’t burn the Constitution just to do what Jorge Ramos wants!”

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