Jeff Zeleny: The White House Hopes Tax Reform Plan Will Jump Start Trump’s Agenda

‘It is the tax reform plan the White House hopes will help jump-start its agenda’

ZELENY: "Now, the challenges for North Korea, of course, front and center for the President, Hurricane Harvey as well. But Brianna, it is the tax reform plan the White House hopes that will help jump-start its agenda. It’s why the President traveled here. A few highlights from that plan: It was mainly broad principles, but some specifics, he wants to lower the corporate tax rate to 15 percent. Many Republicans think that is optimistic, to say the least. He also wants to simplify the tax code, eliminating loopholes to benefit wealthy taxpayers. And then he called on Congress to put, quote, the politics behind us. He did that, Brianna, and then in the next breath he called on Senator Clair McCaskill, a Democrat, to vote for his plan. He said if she does not, the voters of Missouri should vote her out of office. That is why he is here in Missouri today trying to push the tax plan."

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