Robinson: ‘Deeply Disturbing and Offensive the Way’ Trump Spoke of the Media

‘But what Donald Trump speech is not deeply disturbing and offensive’


ROBINSONS: "It was deeply disturbing and offensive the way he spoke of the media, but what Donald Trump speech is not deeply disturbing and offensive? And he’s feuding with Mitch McConnell. He grossly insulted both senators, Republican senators from Arizona. If anything, of course he made it more difficult for him to get anything done than easier. And this is what we face. We face a presidency that is totally dysfunctional and a president who no longer seems interested in getting his agenda passed. Because if he were, he’d be listening to reasonable people in his administration who tell him not to do stuff like this, but he continues and continues. He either can’t help himself or he’s decided that for whatever reason, that his strategy is to continue driving a wedge between his 1/3 of the population and the rest of the country, and that’s not a winning strategy.”

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