Speaker Ryan on Trump’s Charlottesville Remarks: ‘It Was Not Only Morally Ambiguous, It Was Equivocating’

‘And that was wrong’


TAPPER: "It wasn't morally ambiguous, it was morally wrong."
RYAN: "Yeah." (Applause) Let me just add to what you just said. I have a hard time believing, if you're standing in a crowd to protest something and you see, you know, all these anti-Semitic slogans, and Heil Hitlers and swastikas, that you're not a good person. This is very clear. I totally agree with that. That's why I think, yeah, it was not only morally ambiguous, it was equivocating. And that was wrong. That's why I think it was very, very important that he has since then cleared that up. I think it was important that he did that tonight."

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