CNN: Obama’s Low Approval Rating a ‘Very Ominous Sign’ for Democrats

‘Essentially, the American people hate this town and just about everybody who works in it ... they think the country’s just heading in the wrong direction’

KING: “This new NBC/Wall Street Journal poll which shows essentially that American people hate this town, and just about everybody works in it, probably including us, unfortunately. But in the mid-term election year the North Star is the president’s approval right. Look at these numbers: 40 percent of Americans approve of the president’s job performance, 54 percent disapprove - that’s an all-time low, I believe, in the NBC/Wall Street Journal poll. And part of the reason they are mad at the president is they think the country is just heading in the wrong direction. This is stunning number: 71 percent of Americans say the country is on the wrong track, nearly eight in ten Americans. Look at that, they are dissatisfied with the political system. And one more quick number: 71 percent say Washington bears responsibility for, part what they believe, is an economic fog. If you look at those numbers, three months from the mid-term election, what’s the biggest thing that just jumps out?”

RAJU: “I mean, it’s very ominous sign for Democrats. You are looking at – any time the president is under water like this, his party suffers in the mid-term elections. We are looking at that probably in the House - there is a chance that Democrats — the Republicans take control of the Senate.”

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