MSNBC’s Melvin Talks to His Mom Watching the Eclipse in Columbia, S.C.

‘This is my mother on the phone, Betty Jo Melvin’

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MELVIN: “I assume you’re seeing the eclipse?”
MELVIN’S MOTHER: “I’m sorry, I am, Craig, it is — oh, my goodness. Oh, my goodness.”
MELVIN: “There has been a lot of that this afternoon. This is my mother on the phone, this is Betty Jo Melvin. And there is the President, President Trump with the First Lady Melania Trump there on the Truman Balcony. The president leading by example there, also wearing the glasses.”
MELVIN’S MOTHER: “Oh, my goodness, you can take it off now.”
MELVIN: “That’s my mother on the phone in Columbia, South Carolina —“
MELVIN’S MOTHER: “There it is right there.”
MELVIN: “ — experiencing the eclipse in our front yard. Mom, can you describe it for us?”
MELVIN’S MOTHER: “No, other than I’m speechless. It is amazing, that’s all I can say. It is just not what I even thought. It is just wonderful. You can see the light around it and the darkness. Of course, I’ve taken off the glasses now because I can see, it is a full eclipse.”

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