Donald Trump Visits Fema, Praises ‘Record Time’ Rebuilding Atlanta Highway

‘We are very strong on homeland security and very strong with respect to FEMA’


TRUMP: “I just want to congratulate acting secretary Elaine Duke. This is a big position. Terrific person. She has done an amazing job for the health administration and everywhere as she proceeded so congratulations. It’s a very important thing you’re doing. We are very strong on homeland security and we're very strong with respect to FEMA. FEMA is something I’ve been very much involved in already. We’ve had some things in the last six months, including the highway, where I have to say the governor and all did a fantastic job of rebuilding that stretch of highway that ended up burning so badly. We found the reason why and it wasn't a good reason, but nevertheless, they did it in record time and I understand they did it ahead of schedule and under budget and that was very nice to see. So I just — many things like that. We've already taken care of many of the situations that really needed emergency funds. We do it quickly, we do it effectively."

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