Noah: GOP Is Going To Have To Admit that Their World Is Burning Down

‘Fortunately for the Republicans, they have a fireman on their team’

NOAH: "It's not like the event was designed to convince Donald Trump take up any other job -- a baseball player? Fireman? We'll give you anything. At one point he got an an applause just for putting on a hat... Yeah, yeah! I told you he would get something right eventually! Yeah! That's where we are. And that's how the Republican health care plan came and went. With them failing to get their votes and the president playing pretend in the White House. So the truth is for the Republicans, it's not looking good. It's July, their health care plan is officially dead, they have no infrastructure bill, and they're months behind on tax reform. At some point, they have to admit that their world is burning down. Fortunately for the Republicans, they have a fireman on their team. We'll be right back. Choo-choo!"

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