Will Hurd: ‘I Agree’ with Mark Warner Obama ‘Choked’ on Dealing with Russian Interference

‘If there is not a response to bad behavior, guess what?’


SMITH: "You just heard from Mark Warner saying the Obama Administration choked when it came to handling this."
HURD: “I agree with Senator Warner. Last summer, I was calling on the Obama Administration to at a minimum kick the Russian ambassador out of the country. I thought that was the least we should have been doing when it comes to dealing with this threat. If there is not a response to bad behavior, guess what? That bad behavior is going to continue. So we should have had a stronger response earlier under the last administration. And in a very thorough and bipartisan way, we are going to look at everything that happened over our last elections so that we can determine what should have been done and what we should be doing into the future.”

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