MSNBC’s Watts Speculates: ‘This Was a Lot of Work’ for a Lone Shooter; Someone May Have Helped Him

‘Somebody may have helped him, I mean, do this’


WATTS: "The other part they are going to really want to focus on, as we talked about before, is the reconnaissance. Seems like the shooter wasn’t exactly sure that it was Republicans on that field, but he was definitely aware of it. This isn’t a normal sort of targeting that you would see for a congressman. He’s crossed the river, he's in Virginia, he's there early in the morning. Somebody may have helped him, I mean, do this. This is a lot of work for a lone shooter to do on his own. Not impossible. Maybe he is just a good researcher and he put it together. But we’ve seen more organizing and activity around violent groups and violent actors over the past couple of years than we have probably at any time since the 1960s and ‘70s. So we have to really explore all these connections and make sure that we are keeping the public safe."

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