Zakaria: Trump Might Have Ended America’s Role at the Center of Western World

‘So Donald Trump might not have caused the end of the western world, but he might end America’s role at its center’


ZAKARIA: "He has consistently been dismissive of America’s political, economic and moral allies. He speaks admiringly of strongmen like Vladimir Putin, Xi Jinping, Abdel Fattah el-Sisi and Rodrigo Duterte, but critically of almost every democratic leader of Europe. The consequences of Trump’s stance and his actions are difficult to foresee. They might result in the erosion of this open liberal international order. They might mean the rise of a new not so liberal order championed by China and India, both of them recantalist and nationalist countries. But they could also result in the long run in the strengthening of this order, perhaps by the reemergence of Europe. Trump has brought the continent’s countries together in a way that not even Vladimir Putin could. German chancellor Angela Merkel says that Europe must look out for itself now, and as if to underscore that fact, the same week welcomed the prime minister of India and the premiere of China. French president Emmanuel Macron upheld Western interests and values face-to-face with Putin just the way an American president would have done in the past. So Donald Trump might not have caused the end of the Western world, but he might end America’s role at its center.”

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