Kerry: Trump’s Travel Ban ‘Cannon Fodder’ for the Terrorist Recruiters

‘It’s the worst thing we can do’


KERRY: " As Michael just said, they’ve had a long standing problem with respect to greater levels of alienation, a harder time assimilating into the broader British society. A lack of similar opportunity. So there are a lot of ingredients. And I’m going to leave it to her and to them to sort that out, particularly five days before an election. Let me just say that obviously every American feels as if we were attacked also. It wasn’t anybody in America today who doesn’t reach out and express our sorrow and solidarity with the British people. But the fact is that if people want to kill themselves, this is really hard for law enforcement. And I know from my own law enforcement days how hard people work and how significant the intelligence gathering and coordination component of this is. But if someone is ready to just coordination component of this is. But if someone is ready to just go out and meet a fuselage of go out and meet a fuselage of law enforcement bullets and die, you can take people with you. And what we really need to do is focus more, I believe, not on a travel ban as Michael said. Travel ban will be cannon fodder to the recruiters. It’s the worst thing we can do. But we do need to do — we do extraordinary screening but a great deal more effort has to go into the building of community, the reaching out and working with these entities, with these sectors of society so that there is not as significant a gap as there is in many parts of the world."

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