Fmr. DNC Adviser: If I Were Donald Trump, I’d Start Getting a Lawyer

‘The only one who was in potential legal jeopardy is Donald Trump’

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MacCALLUM: "Den manager, thank you. Mercedes slap joins us now, and former DNC advisor, welcome to both of you. You listen to that conversation, let me get your thoughts on it first."

PETKANAS: "Sure, I think it is absolutely ridiculous to make the case in the beginning of this week people were saying that James Comey was too hard on Hillary Clinton and that’s what he needs to go. Now the case is that Comey has been running a protection racket for Hillary Clinton, too soft on her and that’s why she’s not in legal jeopardy. The idea is absently absurd on its face. The only one who was in potential legal jeopardy is Donald Trump who yesterday said that the reason he fired James Comey was not because of the email server, not because of what he did last year, it was because of the “Russian thing.” That Russian thing is a federal investigation into his campaign. When he said out loud in public and that he wasn’t James Comey because of that, that this potential obstruction of justice, that is a felony, if I were Donald Trump, I would get a lawyer."

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