Noah on Trump’s Shadiness: He’s Not Even Trying to Hide It

‘At this point, he’s not even trying to hide how being president is making him bank’

NOAH: “You know, whenever Donald Trump says “I’ll be honest with you,” he’s lying, or when he doesn’t say it, it’s either one of those two. Look, there’s a lot of stuff in this tax plan that will benefit corporations and the super wealthy including Donald Trump. In fact, almost specifically Donald trump. Just to take one example, in the current tax code, there is something called “the alternative minimum tax” or a.m.t., and, thanks to the a.m.t., Donald Trump had to pay the federal government $31 million in 2005. That’s the one and only year that we know about his federal taxes. So without a.m.t., Trump would have been $31 million richer. Well, guess what he’s planning to get rid of? Yeah. You know, Donald Trump, like, he doesn’t even try to hide his shadiness. it’s just blatantly out there in the open. I always used to wonder which criminals got caught because of fingerprints, right? Because we all know gloves. It’s not some high-tech device only super criminals have access to. I thought, why kind of person gets caught because of fingerprints? Now I know. At this point, he’s not even trying to hide how being president is making him bank. Honestly, I’m surprised the plan didn’t include a deduction for unflattering golf pants.”

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