New Feature & Changing Terms of Service


First, good news:

Grabien just unveiled its latest feature: a Gif creator. If you've ever wanted to know how to create those animated images you see all over the Internet (Buzzfeed, most conspicuously), Grabien has finally made it easy.

1. Log in, then go to the Gif creator (upper left of homepage).

2. Paste the YouTube link you'd like to "gif"

3. Enter your time cues. Click "request."

You'll get an email once your gif is complete, usually in less than a minute.

Additional features let you name your gif, add "tags" to help describe it, as well as mark it as "exclusive" (useful if you want your gif to remain private; otherwise it will be added to Grabien's Gif Gallery). Gifs can be downloaded and embedded. 

Also, every Grabien video can also be "gif'ed." Just click the gif icon underneath the video. 
In other news, Grabien's terms of service are changing October 1st.

Previously every account received 500 promo coins every month. Going forward, new users will receive 500 promo coins plus a GrabienGold account for one month (which offers unlimited downloads and custom clips plus 10 TV clip requests). After that first month, accounts will still have access to their original 500 free promo coins, but they will not be replenished every month.


Tom Elliott
Grabien founder & editor

P.S. You can reply to this message if you have any questions, comments, ideas, etc.