New Features, New App, Free Upgrade Offer


Media colleagues, 


We're excited to announce our latest round of new features and upgrades, and to extend an offer for standard accounts to upgrade to Enterprise, free. First, the new stuff:


— The LiveClipper can now be paused, rewound, and brought back to real time. If you've ever wanted to check something to ensure you heard it correctly before pulling a clip, now you can rewind the video stream. And if need to pause a live news broadcast you're covering, that's also now possible.


— When you visit a profile in Grabien's database (e.g., Donald Trump, or the White House), you'll not only see the latest news clips, but also licensed news photos available for purchase.


—The News Clips page now auto-updates whenever there's new content; if you're in the studio, you can just keep this page open and watch as new clips become available. 


— The NewsMonitor has new settings, including volume control and the ability to display the various players in a landscape layout (helpful for widescreen monitors). 


— When you embed a clip from Grabien, you can now customize the player to appear in any color imaginable (as opposed to the previous five options). 


— We've upgraded the player itself; it loads several times faster than previously, has a new modern design, is light-weight and fast, includes better support for touch commands on mobile devices, and dynamically auto-sizes based on the viewer's device and orientation. 


— Our concierge service has expanded offerings as well, including transcription, translation (Spanish and French), and adding subtitles to videos.


Finally, we've updated our app; it's now faster, easier to use, and includes two sections (one for news clips, and one for Grabien News posts). 


If you have a standard Grabien account and are interested in upgrading to Enterprise for free for 10 days, please install the app, and send a screen shot to If you send a screen shot showing you've rated the app 5 stars, we'll upgrade your account for 20 days. 

Thanks, and happy clipping!