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MSNBC Celebrates Kids Skipping School on Fridays to Protest ‘Climate Change’: ‘I’ve Been Skipping School for 11 Weeks Now’



MSNBC Live with Velshi and Ruhle

Name: MSNBC Live with Velshi and Ruhle


Stephanie Ruhle

Name: Stephanie Ruhle

Employment: Bloomberg Television

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, Savannah Sellers

Name: Savannah Sellers

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05/03/2019 02:06 pm
Tom (staff)
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SELLERS Yeah absolutely So ░░░░░░░░ we started at the ░░░░░░░░ N earlier with probably ░░░░░░░░ two dozen kids came ░░░░░░░░ to city hall hundreds ░░░░░░░░ then on the steps ░░░░░░░░ having a rally We ░░░░░░░░ the Brooklyn Bridge and ░░░░░░░░ we re just on ░░░░░░░░ other side of the ░░░░░░░░ Bridge in Brooklyn where ░░░░░░░░ protest is continuing So ░░░░░░░░ for future is this ░░░░░░░░ of students skipping school ░░░░░░░░ Friday to essentially say ░░░░░░░░ why do I need ░░░░░░░░ go to school if ░░░░░░░░ don t know what ░░░░░░░░ future is going to ░░░░░░░░ like based on the ░░░░░░░░ of the planet So ░░░░░░░░ s what the bunch ░░░░░░░░ these students have been ░░░░░░░░ for a long time ░░░░░░░░ I ll introduce you ░░░░░░░░ some right here These ░░░░░░░░ they have been skipping ░░░░░░░░ This is Ella Jaya ░░░░░░░░ Pillar So tell me ░░░░░░░░ how old you guys ░░░░░░░░ and tell me about ░░░░░░░░ school and why and ░░░░░░░░ what that s all ░░░░░░░░ ELLA student protester So ░░░░░░░░ ve been skipping school ░░░░░░░░ 11 weeks now and ░░░░░░░░ is a sacrifice that ░░░░░░░░ have to make because ░░░░░░░░ are missing important things ░░░░░░░░ we realize that if ░░░░░░░░ don t skip this ░░░░░░░░ we might not have ░░░░░░░░ future So we need ░░░░░░░░ because SELLERS And you ░░░░░░░░ you re 12 years ░░░░░░░░ is that right ELLA ░░░░░░░░ protester Yeah SELLERS And ░░░░░░░░ girls are you re ░░░░░░░░ and you re 12 ░░░░░░░░ and you guys are ░░░░░░░░ at this age that ░░░░░░░░ re standing up by ░░░░░░░░ school for this Is ░░░░░░░░ right ELLA student protester ░░░░░░░░ SELLERS And even at ░░░░░░░░ age what does this ░░░░░░░░ you thinking about sort ░░░░░░░░ in a bigger picture ░░░░░░░░ that how you thinking ░░░░░░░░ What is that what ░░░░░░░░ what do you guys ░░░░░░░░ about what you want ░░░░░░░░ change in the world ░░░░░░░░ So it kind of ░░░░░░░░ me think that in ░░░░░░░░ 2020 election I m ░░░░░░░░ for my future I ░░░░░░░░ scared that the politicians ░░░░░░░░ t won t be ░░░░░░░░ a climate emergency won ░░░░░░░░ be taking climate action ░░░░░░░░ s why because I ░░░░░░░░ t personally vote and ░░░░░░░░ m begging my parents ░░░░░░░░ let to vote for ░░░░░░░░ candidate that wants climate ░░░░░░░░ that wants to make ░░░░░░░░ fossil fuel companies don ░░░░░░░░ have taxes on them ░░░░░░░░ want like we I ░░░░░░░░ change and I hope ░░░░░░░░ parents do too SELLERS ░░░░░░░░ so what are you ░░░░░░░░ doing to make change ░░░░░░░░ now What type of ░░░░░░░░ besides skipping school is ░░░░░░░░ a difference ELLA Well ░░░░░░░░ have been reducing the ░░░░░░░░ of plastic and straws ░░░░░░░░ you know all this ░░░░░░░░ that hurts the environment ░░░░░░░░ getting plastic bags when ░░░░░░░░ don t need to ░░░░░░░░ ve also been educating ░░░░░░░░ lot of people at ░░░░░░░░ school and informing people ░░░░░░░░ what is going on ░░░░░░░░ the climate SELLERS Well ░░░░░░░░ s amazing that you ░░░░░░░░ are doing this at ░░░░░░░░ age Thank you so ░░░░░░░░ for talking to us.”
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