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Alex Conant: ‘The Easiest Way for a Republican Member of Congress To Get on TV’ Is to Attack Trump

Name: CNN


Reliable Sources

Name: Reliable Sources


Brian Stelter

Name: Brian Stelter

Employment: CNN

Position: Host, Correspondent

, Alex Conant

Name: Alex Conant

Washington, D.C.

Name: Washington, D.C.


Not online media
STELTER: “Alex, where do you come down on this? I think journalists do have some biases, if you want to call them biases. One is toward competent governance. One is toward decency in civic engagement. Some of the coverage that I think you get complaints about from the right is because journalists are trying to promote those basic inherent American values. And when the President is railing against the fake news media on Twitter calling this a witch hunt, I think that’s the way journalists react the way they do. Do you think I’m off on that?”
CONANT: “No, I think you have a valid point. Look, the media loves bipartisanship. You know, whenever there’s a big bipartisan gathering on the Hill, the media applauds it. But that’s not really what they want to cover. That’s not really what they want to talk about. They want to talk about conflict, they want to talk about fighting, they want to talk about Republicans attacking Republicans, Democrats attacking Democrats. I can tell you, I’ve worked for a lot of Republican members of Congress. The easiest way for a Republican member of Congress to get on TV is to go attack a Republican — is to go attack Republican leadership or the president, President Trump. So, that, I think, is what the media really wants to talk about on a day-to-day basis. And it’s a real challenge of governing, because when you do have moments where you bring people together and do bipartisan things, it’s really — it can be really hard to get — to have that get the attention that, you know, a big fight would get. And so, it’s a challenge not just for the President but for members of Congress as well.”
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