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Donny Deutsch: Donald Trump Is a ‘Sociopath’



Deadline: White House

Name: Deadline: White House

Donny Deutsch

Name: Donny Deutsch

Employment: Deutsch Inc

Position: Chairman

, Nicolle Wallace

Name: Nicolle Wallace

Employment: Self-employed

Position: Author, Political analyst

New York, N.Y.

Name: New York, N.Y.


Not online media
>> Nicolle, I tell you why he didn’t re-brand it, I’ve met a lot of CEOs in my lifetime. CEO sociopaths. They come in, whatever is there, it’s wrong, has to be destroyed and that’s the only way they can validate their existence. That’s why he would not re-brand anything or retool anything because it was all wrong before I got there. I worked for those CEOs and they’re very dangerous.
>> All right. We’re going to take a short break.
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