MSNBC: Carson Leads Trump by 8 Points in Latest Quinnipiac Poll

‘It does underline what we’ve been sensing that Carson has momentum in Iowa’

SCARBOROUGH: “So, you know Mika — Mika for the past couple of days, what have I been saying about Ben Carson in Iowa?”
BRZEZINSKI: “We don’t get it but, but he [indecipherable] take Iowa.” [crosstalk]
SCARBOROUGH: “I — I’ve said we don’t get it, but Ben Carson is setting himself up to actually take Iowa. I’ve said that — If you want to figure out how to knock Donald Trump off, Ben Carson wins Iowa, somebody else wins New Hampshire. There’s a new poll out this morning, a shocking poll. It just crossed, and it is out of Iowa and it confirms what we’ve been saying around the table. Ben Carson up 8 points in Iowa over Donald Trump, 28 percent. Donald Trump at 20 percent, Rubio at 13 percent, Cruz at 10 percent. And it is obvious Mika, that Trump people saw this coming because we had news breaking last night that they were doubling down on their operations in Iowa. And just what we suspected, starting last week momentum for Ben Carson in Iowa. This is a — it’s a lightning bolt across the Republican Party field. It may not change anything, it may be one poll, but it does underline what we’ve been sensing that Carson has momentum in Iowa.”
BRZEZINSKI: “He has momentum and he has real —“

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