Rep. Meeks: I Voted Against Iraq, So the Media Should Listen to Me Instead of McCain

‘Thank God the American people were smart enough not to elect him president of the United States, because we would be in war almost in every place ...’

Dem Rep. Who Voted Against Iraq: Media Should Listen to Me Instead of McCain (Mediaite)

Rep. Gregory Meeks (D-NY) was one of 133 congress members who voted against the Iraq War resolution in 2002, but as he told MSNBC’s Chris Hayes Monday night, there aren’t too many media bookers looking for his expert opinion on the revived subject of Iraq. With All In as the exception, Meeks said most news shows seem to be more interested in what Republicans like Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) have to say.

When Hayes asked about general mood in Congress when it comes to further military intervention in Iraq, Meeks said Democrats especially are far less likely to support action than they were in 2002. “Even some members who voted for the war now says that’s the one vote they regret most in Congress,” he said, “so they don’t want to make that same mistake again.”

“Unfortunately, what I’m hearing from some of my Republican colleagues, as you noted on the Sunday shows, they don’t seem to have learned the lesson of 2002,” Meeks added.

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