Stephen A. Smith and Will Cain Clash Over Race in Heated Tony Romo Debate: ‘You’re Not Black!’

Cain: ‘To make this racial is so far beyond the pale that it makes real racial issues hard to pay attention to’

‘You’re Not Black!’: Stephen A. Smith and Will Cain Clash Over Race in Heated Tony Romo Debate (Mediaite)

A discussion about Tony Romo resulted in a heated clash on race between ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith and Will Cain.

The debate took place on First Take Wednesday — one night after newly-retired Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo was feted at a Dallas Mavericks game. The former signal caller for America’s Team was an honorary Maverick for a day, as he participated in pre-game festivities and watched the action from the bench in uniform.

Smith thought the ceremony to be excessive. And he stated that he doesn’t know of an African American athlete with a similar level of achievement who has been celebrated in the same manner.

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