Gingrich: 8 Years of Obama ‘Being Afraid to Act Decisively’ Was Replaced in 1 Night by Trump

‘Eight years of Barack Obama being afraid to act decisively got replaced by a Donald Trump who’s not afraid to take decisive steps’


GINGRICH: "I remember when Reagan replaced Carter, Carter had been very, very weak, the Soviets did not respect him and the Libyans had gotten what they a called line of death in the Gulf of Sidra and Reagan said to the U.S. Navy, what happens if you cross the line? They said we can handle about, we'll shoot them down. So we cross the line, and Syria and Libyans launched two aircraft. We shot both of them down. What really shocked the news meeting the next day. They said to Reagan, well did they -- did they wake you when they -- when they shot them? And he said no, no. This is a direct quote from Reagan. He said, no, we have an agreement, if we shoot them down, I get to sleep; if they shoot down, you wake me. That was such a shocking change from Jimmy Carter that it just stunned the Kremlin. Same thing just happened. Eight years of Barack Obama being afraid to act decisively just got replaced in one evening by a Donald Trump was quite prepared to take decisive steps."

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