Scarborough: Idea Bannon Created Trump’s Nationalistic Approach Is ‘Insanity’

‘It’s gone to a couple different levels of insanity’


SCARBOROUGH: "All of this talk, Mark Halperin, that Steve Bannon created Donald Trump’s nationalistic approach, nationalism, is insanity. And it’s gone to a couple different levels of insanity. Yesterday I started getting phone calls. Bannon is now leaking that Jared Kushner is calling media executives to plant negative stories on Bannon which he’s not doing. I don’t want to confuse the viewers too much, but that’s what got Bannon in trouble in the first place, is he’s constantly leaking across Washington, D.C., about how important he is to Donald Trump. And then he started attacking Jared Kushner. Now he’s about to get kicked out of the White House. And now he’s leaking that Kushner is leaking. It’s like this guy — somebody needs to tell him just stop while you’re behind."

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