Chelsea Handler: Sean Spicer Couldn’t Possibly Be that Stupid

‘I think Trump whispers in his ear and Sean Spicer runs out and he’s like, even Hitler didn’t use chemical weapons’


HANDLER: “It’s just like, he’s so stupid. He can’t possibly — he can’t possibly be that stupid, naturally. I believe that Donald Trump, right before he goes out there, he’s like, say 'Something about the — like, hey, say about Hitler. Say something about Hitler. And the holocaust. Say something about that.' And then Sean Spicer is like in the middle of a diarrhea, pulling his pants up and he has to go out there and lie over and over and over again. I think he has to — I think Trump whispers in his ear and then Sean Spicer runs out and he’s like, 'Even Hitler didn’t use chemical weapons.' Yeah, because he was such a great guy.”

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