Adam Smith: Trump Should Remember He’s President and Stop Blaming Obama for Everything

‘I hope at some point President Trump realizes that he is in fact president’


SMITH: "I hope at some point President Trump realizes that he is in fact president and should take responsibility for what’s going on instead of continually blaming other people for everything, most notably President Obama, but certainly he blames others, so that’s the first point. The second pointsy hear what he’s saying about the chemical weapons, but Assad has murdered and butchered his own people with conventional weapons as well and that’s extraordinarily problematic, and what is the Trump Administration going to do going forward if Syria continues to use chemical weapons? I mean, I supported the strike. I think it made sense to respond that way, but we also have to be mindful of the limitations of that. It didn’t do too much damage to Syria, and we still don’t have a clear policy from the trump Administration about how they plan to work towards an alternative to Assad, and I certainly don’t want the policy to be what T had been prior to this chemical weapons attack from the Trump Administration which was basically Assad is okay because he’s with us on fighting ISIS. That is not the case. We need a different policy.:

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