John Bolton: ‘The Way to End the N. Korean Nuclear Weapons Program Is to End N. Korea’

‘It will be hard for the Chinese to accept but they’re the ones who said for many years they don’t want a nuclear North Korea’

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BOLTON: ". An American politician would not kill his half-brother with VX nerve agent in a public airport, just for starters, as Kim Jong-un recently did. I don't think there is any point in negotiating with the North Koreans. On at least four occasions in the past 25 years they have committed publicly to give up their nuclear weapons program in exchange for benefits that were promised to them. In every case they have violated their commitment typically before the ink was dry on it. They aren't going to voluntarily give up their nuclear weapons program, they're not going to voluntarily give up their ballistic missile program. I think there is only one alternative here and that's to put enough pressure on them to have the regime collapse. The way to end the North Korean nuclear weapons program is to end North Korea, I think, through reunification of the peninsula. That's something we should be talking to the Chinese about. It will be hard for the Chinese to accept but they're the ones who have said for many years they don't want a nuclear North Korea. Here is the way to achieve it."

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