Chris Coons: Dropping Barrel Bombs as ‘Heinous’ as Using Chemical Weapons

‘Dropping a barrel bomb on the school or hospital or on a refugee camp as he has done is every bit as heinous and using chemical weapons’


COONS: "It is because of the Chemical Weapons Convention that many around the world have condemned Assad's use of chemical weapons against his own people. But I don’t really see the difference. Dropping a barrel bomb on the school or hospital or on a refugee camp, as he has done, is every bit as heinous as using chemical weapons. Bashar al-Assad has used every single weapon of war from SCUD missiles to cluster bombs to poison gas to starvation as a tool of war to mass torture. He has done horrific and unspeakable things against his own people. I will remind you that the Trump Administration and its senior leadership as recently as two weeks ago were saying that we have to just accept Assad as the ongoing leader of Syria and let his own people work it out because our primary focus needs to be ISIS."

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