Dan Bongino: ‘Susan Rice Spied and People Died’

‘Not to be silly about it, but Susan Rice spied and people died’

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BONGINO: "We have to get her on the record. Lying on television is one thing. Let’s be honest, a lot of people have been known to bend the truth and wag the dog a little bit on TV. But doing it in front of a congressional committee is entirely different. I think the American people are entitled to the truth. It’s interesting how the left do this one sentence activism all the time, right? 'Hands up, don’t shoot.' 'Bush lied, people died.' Both of those things were not correct. You know, with Susan Rice, not to be silly about it, but Susan Rice spied and people died. The Republicans should pay back the favor a little bit. Susan Rice, really, this history of dishonesty can be summed up in that one quote. She spied on Trump, she admitted to it, and now people sadly and tragically died in Syria because she said that Obama Administration had made sure that they verifiably gave up their stockpile of weapons, which is categorically not true."

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