Fox News: Trump Did Not Call Putin to Let Him Know Air Strikes Were Coming

‘Not to suggest that President Trump would ever seek permission from the Russian leader’

ROBERTS: "Were told because they could not get a satellite truck onto the ground at Mar-a-Lago tonight either on such short notice or because the White House didn't want it there, were not sure were going to have a carry back of present statements. Were told it's on its way back to us here at the hotel which is where the press corps is staying. Should only take a matter of minutes and then we'll have it out there for people to see. What's really interesting about -- couple of aspects that I find very interesting, first of all that the president did not call Vladimir Putin to let him know what was about to happen. Not to suggest that President Trump would ever seek permission from the Russian leader but with so many Russian forces on the ground there, you might think they would want to give the Russians a heads up. Perhaps that did happen through military channels and perhaps the Russians were stooped to pick up the signals that were being telegraphed all throughout the day to say something is definitely coming. The other thing is this was carefully timed from two standpoints. One to hit that Syrian airbase in the wee hours of the night when they knew potential casualties would be limited because if you did it during the day, a lot of people would be going to work a lot of people will be filing into that airbase. Casualties might be greater.

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