Bob Corker: Rice Should Testify Before Congress and Clear Things Up

‘I encourage officials to come in and testify and clear things up’

TODD: "Final question today from the New York Times, President Trump accused the former national security adviser of committing a crime. The president said, do I think, asked if she committed a Yim this, do I think, yes, I think it will be the biggest story. Appropriate for the president to accuse her without providing evidence?"
CORKER: "Well, look, I don't know that should I speak to those comments in particular. I do hope that the national security adviser rice will come testify before Congress and clear up, if I think she should testify under oath before Congress."
TODD: "The burden on her? Is the burden on her or the president who just went to the "New York Times" to accuse her of a crime?"
CORKER: "I think any official who has been in this wide array of discussion that's taking place, I encourage officials to come in and testify and clear things up. It is good for the American people. I think, you know I'm more prone to measure comments and I'm not that entertaining to your audience because I'll a more measured person and I apologize. I don't want to respond to the other."

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