McAuliffe: ObamaCare Repeal Effort ‘Is What People Hate About Washington!’

‘Nothing is getting done, and the actions they take are just hurting people’

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McAULIFFE: “So, it is just going to hurt folks, and this is why it failed last night. It’s not going to make it through this time, and the Republicans ought to come to the table, sit down with the Democrats. We've all an agreement that there are things we can do to make ObamaCare better. Let’s focus on those, let's help people. This is what people hate about Washington D.C.; nothing is getting done, and the actions they take are just hurting people. They’re hurting me as governor. They’re hurting us in our states. How about coming together and working in a way to help people? That’s what you got elected to do, and, unfortunately, that is what has been broken up in Washington.”

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