CNN’s Sciutto: ‘Implication’ from Fox News and Bloomberg Is Obama and Rice ‘Targeted’ Trump Team

‘The implications from these stories is that President Obama and Susan Rice specifically targeted Trump’s administration advisers’

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TAPPER: “Let's turn to senior Obama Administration officials because I want to ask you about these reports that the Obama Administration might have been behind the 'unmasking' of Trump officials caught up in surveillance of others. Unmasking is revealing the names within the intelligence committee, not linking with the outside world but within the intelligence community. President Trump tweeted this morning. 'Such amazing reporting on unmasking and the crooked scheme against us by Fox and Friends. Spied on before nomination. The real story.' Fox News and Bloomberg have named alleged Obama Administration officials, specifically the former national security adviser to President Obama, Dr. Susan Rice. They say ‘unmasked individuals’ quite a bit and obviously the Trump White House is saying this is the real story." 

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